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At Trans International, we are dedicated to perfecting the freight invoice process to ensure you are not surprised by freight charge mistakes and you pay only what you are supposed to. Utilizing in-house freight invoice management can be stressful, complicated, and costly. Inefficient use of data or lack of data visibility can lead to late payments and increase your freight spend.


Our tried-and-true invoicing process has been tweaked and refined to deliver the most streamlined experience possible. This allows us to identify any billing mistakes while also ensuring that all necessary payments are made on time. We meticulously look over every detail throughout the process and have invoices visible online within three hours (on average). Our proprietary process involves six key steps:

  1. Trans International receives the invoice from the handler
  2. The invoice is captured electronically (EDI) or entered manually (paper invoice) and verified by our team of experts
  3. Payments are then automatically audited and rated
  4. General ledger numbers are applied thru the Automated Ledger system
  5. Invoices are submitted for payment
  6. Carriers are then paid to round out the process


When you are managing numerous freight invoices in-house, you are using resources that could be allocated in other areas of your business; think of having time for other projects critical to your business. Trans International bears that burden for you. In addition to 99.9% audit accuracy and on-time payments, our freight audit process can help your business with:

  • Cost Reductions: Trans International provides shippers significant savings over in-house processing. Trans International’s non-stop monitoring and accuracy has saved clients more than $30 million over the past five years alone, making sure shippers pay only what they are supposed to pay.
  • Improved Carrier Relationships: Outsourcing freight audit and payment to Trans International means knowing that carriers will be paid accurately and on-time, preventing shipping and delivery interruptions. The Trans International team works tirelessly to monitor your freight bills, while identifying and resolving anomalies before any payment is made.
  • Time Savings: Trans International fits seamlessly within your company’s operations yet independent enough to perform an unbiased audit--identifying where cost savings lurk below the surface. Trans International functions as an efficient, accurate partner that frees up staff and stabilizes turnover, with no knowledge lost in transition. As a result, shippers can reinvest time and operational costs back into the supply chain.
  • Laser-Accurate Data and Actionable Analytics: With powerful auditing tools and protocols, effective technology, and generations of expertise, Trans International can accurately collect and interpret your data, optimize your payments, identify preferred carriers and trends, as well as provide a clear path to the future.

Trans International is dedicated to saving you time and money, while giving more insight into your shipping data. For general inquiries or further information regarding freight invoice management and processes, please contact our team at [email protected], or by calling (262) 253-3500.

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