Trans International has been serving the logistics community for 48+ years, across generations of reliable freight audit and data experts. Through deregulation, industry shifts, and an increasing demand for powerful digital tools, the company grew its staff and capabilities, and still has the trust of its very first customer.


Led by second-generation expert CEO Jaime Syring, a carefully honed team of expert data masters watch across $1.4B in invoices annually, making sure shippers pay only what they’re supposed to pay, and not a penny more. Trans International has saved clients more than $30 million over the past five years alone.


Trans International’s ability to ensure shippers have control over what costs they incur comes from a deft touch and a stealth approach to auditing and reconciling carrier invoices fast and accurately, while monitoring, analyzing and optimizing freight costs.


Armed with powerful experience and a range of capabilities that only come with time and dedication, Trans International is built to deliver mindful analysis to help identify and manage trends, and to find ways to efficiently leverage technology solutions that work. These are just a few of the ways Trans International’s offerings are proven to reduce costs and save precious time.


As your supply chain or freight structure expands or contracts with changes in legislation and workforces, let Trans International search for and identify anomalies and discrepancies, making your data work harder to provide cost visibility and drive transportation compliance.


Our team is ready to jump in. Whether it’s freight audit and pay, technology solutions, or logistics services, contact us today and talk to one of our experts to get started.