October Entry

What if I told you that a Freight Audit and Payment service provider can help your company save money and time? Interesting right? But what on Earth are we talking about? Freight Audit and Payment (FA&P).


FA&P is a service where our experienced team of auditors reviews freight bills, verifies charges, then audits the bill based on rate agreements from the client. Our team then goes a step further by checking for extra fees and duplicate charges. In addition, we leverage technology-based tools to reduce invoice processing times and costs, which assures carriers are paid accurately and in a timely manner. This frees up our clients’ time for tasks related to running their business.


Extra Fees: Pain in the Cash?


We all hate annoying extra fees that companies like to throw at us for services we may or may not have used, with the hopes of us overlooking them on our billing statement. The cost of those extra fees could add up quickly—if errors totaled $5/each on 75 shipments per week, it would total $19,500 annually. So, how do you handle them? Our team of auditors will verify the accessorials (those extra fees mentioned earlier) on the freight bill and make sure your company is not paying more for a service than is contracted, then ensure the fees are paid.


Never Pay the Same Charge Twice


A duplicate payment is not self-explanatory and how or why you pay them is not either. At Trans International LLC, we have a process in place to spot duplicate invoices and help you avoid duplicate charges.


Our Process:


When bills are received, they have been assigned a unique identifier. Any subsequent billing under the same unique identifier is flagged and sent to a separate file, internally referred to as a “Duplicate Folder”


Our team then reviews the invoice in the Duplicate Folder to see which additional charges were added, if any, then checks for validation of the charges–with receipts, weigh tickets, etc.


If our team determines no extra charges were added, we then move on to see what the carrier believes should have been paid but was not–which might indicate that the invoice was short paid (not paid in full) due to no proof of the charge(s) on the original invoice. Once the carrier provides proof of the charge(s), the balance due is paid. If no further proof is provided, we will ask for an approval depending on the type of charge or simply deny the balance due based on client instructions.


These processes alone save our clients millions of dollars annually–over $30 million in the past five years. We repeatedly and consistently find these types of billing errors for our clients, let us add value to your company through the savings these and other services we offer.


Our team at Trans International LLC is committed to making sure your company saves money on your freight spend. From catching duplicate payments to verifying extra charges. A bonus is that we can do it for a fraction of the cost. So, instead of having Jenny in accounting crunch these numbers, track down receipts and weigh tickets, let us--the experts--handle that for you, and Jenny can get back to doing what she does best…accounting.